• Bottle 100 ml € 24,90

    Our skin needs care and nature can help. Body oils made from precious, pure natural ingredients are an easy way to give your skin important nutrients and healthy moisture. Unlike body lotions, body oils do not contain water and are therefore free from preservatives for gentle skin care. Do you think of an unpleasant fat film on your skin with body oil? You will be surprised at how quickly the PINO body oils enter the skin. Only a well-groomed skin feeling and a pleasant, pampering fragrance remain.

  • Roll-On € 19,90

    Practical, helpful and good: the new CHIN MIN MINT-OIL roll-on from STYX.
    The Chin Min Mint oil promotes well-being and resilience during sports activities and has a cooling effect on headaches.
    In case of headache, the oil is applied in the neck, down the hairline. When experiencing signs of fatigue, apply in the area of the temples, using a fresh kick on the inside of the wrists. The roll-on has a cooling effect when applied to the temples.