• Bot­t­le 100 ml € 24,90

    Our skin needs care and natu­re can help. Body oils made from pre­cious, pure natu­ral ingre­di­ents are an easy way to give your skin important nut­ri­ents and healt­hy mois­tu­re. Unli­ke body lotions, body oils do not con­tain water and are the­r­e­fo­re free from pre­ser­va­ti­ves for gent­le skin care. Do you think of an unp­lea­sant fat film on your skin with body oil? You will be sur­pri­sed at how quick­ly the PINO body oils enter the skin. Only a well-groo­med skin fee­ling and a plea­sant, pam­pe­ring fra­grance remain.

  • Roll-On € 19,90

    Prac­ti­cal, hel­pful and good: the new CHIN MIN MINT-OIL roll-on from STYX.
    The Chin Min Mint oil pro­mo­tes well-being and resi­li­ence during sports acti­vi­ties and has a coo­ling effect on hea­da­ches.
    In case of hea­da­che, the oil is appli­ed in the neck, down the hair­line. When expe­ri­en­cing signs of fati­gue, app­ly in the area of the temp­les, using a fresh kick on the insi­de of the wrists. The roll-on has a coo­ling effect when appli­ed to the temp­les.