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Pleasantly tempered water bubbles in curved, even movements on the underside of a natural rubber bed surface and massages the body from head to toe.
You don’t have to take off your clothes to enjoy the beneficial effects. Wellsystem can be used spontaneously in casual clothing, sports dress or business outfit.

Do you feel exhausted and exhausted? Is your body tense and your muscles aching after a long day at work in the home office or after intensive fitness training? Do you love cozy warmth and do you like to relax with a soothing massage? The solution is the overwater massage with the Wellsystem – the perfect recovery after fitness training and relaxation from the stress and hectic of everyday life: spontaneously available massage that quickly and easily achieves the desired effect.
You can relax quickly and efficiently in just 15 minutes.
Exclusively from Seven Senses!
Before use
  • Skin and tissue with poor blood circulation
  • Tense muscles
  • Back and joint pain
  • Slack connective tissue
  • Limited performance
  • Weakened immune system
After application
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Relaxation of the muscles
  • Relief of back and joint pain
  • Tightening of the connective tissue
  • Increase in energy and performance
  • Strengthening the immune system