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Plea­sant­ly tem­pe­red water bubbles in cur­ved, even move­ments on the under­si­de of a natu­ral rub­ber bed sur­face and mas­sa­ges the body from head to toe.
You don’t have to take off your clo­thes to enjoy the bene­fi­ci­al effects. Well­sys­tem can be used spon­ta­neous­ly in casu­al clot­hing, sports dress or busi­ness out­fit.

Do you feel exhaus­ted and exhaus­ted? Is your body ten­se and your mus­cles aching after a long day at work in the home office or after inten­si­ve fit­ness trai­ning? Do you love cozy warmth and do you like to relax with a soot­hing mas­sa­ge? The solu­ti­on is the over­wa­ter mas­sa­ge with the Well­sys­tem – the per­fect reco­very after fit­ness trai­ning and rela­xa­ti­on from the stress and hec­tic of ever­y­day life: spon­ta­neous­ly available mas­sa­ge that quick­ly and easi­ly achie­ves the desi­red effect.
You can relax quickly and efficiently in just 15 minutes.
Exclusively from Seven Senses!
Before use
  • Skin and tis­sue with poor blood cir­cu­la­ti­on
  • Ten­se mus­cles
  • Back and joint pain
  • Slack con­nec­ti­ve tis­sue
  • Limi­t­ed per­for­mance
  • Wea­k­en­ed immu­ne sys­tem
After application
  • Increase blood cir­cu­la­ti­on
  • Rela­xa­ti­on of the mus­cles
  • Reli­ef of back and joint pain
  • Tigh­tening of the con­nec­ti­ve tis­sue
  • Increase in ener­gy and per­for­mance
  • Streng­thening the immu­ne sys­tem